•  Aluminum honeycomb panel
  •  Aluminum honeycomb panel
Aluminum honeycomb panel  Aluminum honeycomb panel

Product Introduction

  The honeycomb panel is mainly composed of three parts: panel, honeycomb core and bottom plate. The honeycomb panel has the choice of double-sided and single-sided color, so many people choose to use honeycomb panels for partitioning, which is both beautiful and practical. The honeycomb panel has the characteristics of sound absorption and heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor curtain walls, partitions and ceilings, but aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used as indoor curtain walls.
    Honeycomb panels are divided into aluminum honeycomb panels and stone honeycomb panels. The surface treatment processes of aluminum honeycomb panels are spray coating, roll coating, film coating, wood grain transfer, and the surface treatment processes of laminating and wood grain transfer are rare. Some people choose, and the price is higher than spraying and roller coating; the stone honeycomb panel has an extended application range compared with the aluminum honeycomb panel, and the stone honeycomb panel has advantages as an outdoor curtain wall and a floor.
    The aluminum honeycomb panel is a pure aluminum product. It is a non-combustible material and does not volatilize any gas harmful to the human body. After use, it can be fully utilized for recycling. It is a 100% environmentally friendly product. The painting of the aluminum honeycomb panel is completed in one time, which ensures that the product has no color difference and reliable quality, and can keep the color of the exterior wall of the building bright for a long time.
    Stone honeycomb panel is also called ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite board. It is a new type of building material. It is a new product after the combination of marble and aluminum honeycomb panel. It has better impact resistance and strength than ordinary stone. The weight is five points of ordinary stone. One of them, the compressive strength is five to ten times that of ordinary stone. The stone honeycomb panel has the properties of soundproofing, moisture proof and energy consumption loss, and the installation of indoor and outdoor greatly reduces the consumption of electric energy and heat energy.
    Whether it is aluminum honeycomb panel or stone honeycomb panel, it has the same advantages: fireproof and cold resistance, high anti-pollution ability and sound absorption. Moreover, the installation is simple, the board surface is smooth, and not only has a strong decoration but also a high practicality.
Scope of application: high-end KTV, bar, clubhouse, administrative building, supermarket, window sill, porch, table decoration, etc.

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